Our Vision

To save small towns for the future of our children

The vision of Shop My Town Australia is to save small towns for the future of our children.

Are small towns really under threat? We believe the next three years will be a time of change, as Amazon increases it's impact in Australia. With low digital literacy levels, and competing with a world of online discounts, regional retailers are in a world of trouble.

Shop My Town Australia has three core values:

To Empower digital skills inside the regional small business community. 

To build streams of revenue into bricks and mortar stores

To connect communities, like it used to be in the old days.

We achieve these values with a clever mix of social media marketing, our unique eCommerce platform, and in partnership with local influencers.

If you are a community group or chamber, and would like to hear more, please get in touch using the details on our contact page.