It Shouldn't be this hard.

You have run a good business. You need eCommerce pumping to thrive.

The world has changed! We understand. 

But rent is still due, even if the walk ins are slowing down.

Shop My Town has been working with hundreds of retailers over the past four years, helping them drive traffic to their store.

But the online shopping world is something you can't ignore. The only problem is, you are not getting any younger, the tech world is confusing, and eCommerce websites are expensive.

Adding your stock to Amazon cuts 33% out of pocket straight away. And then you don't even know what will sell!

Shop My Town exists to help you out. We have an easy to upload platform, so you can take photos and add stock, put your description on, and get ready to pack & send.

We only take 4% fees when product is uploaded into our store. And if you are struggling to really gain traction, we can invite a local influencer to partner with you, and really take your marketing to the next level.

Maybe it's time to trust again, and try something new? 

Click the link below to register your retail products with the current SEQ Trial.